People are the greatest asset of any organization.                                                                       

No matter what you are offering the public, your staff are the most valuable asset you have.                                                                                                                                                                                                  CLICK HERE

They are the greatest resource of knowledge, wisdom and ideas. 

We start by focusing on PEOPLE.

Our process allows us to disover how your team is functioning

and where it needs attention. We will also disover how to line up

your vision with their needs and skill sets in mind.


Starting with non-leader staff

This is a very impactful step. Starting at the bottom of the organization

and working our way to the top is very effective. People feel valued,

we feel confident with the data we get from the 'core'.


We mediate, we don't 'fix'

Our goal is to extract risks and needs from your staff

and have them help us create a clear response plan. We act as

mediators and coaches. One Vision is created by everyone

and followed by everyone. Our process takes 2 - 4 business

 days to complete on average. Larger organizations require more

 time. Contact us for a quote.


Our Mission

Our misison is to respectfully extract the real risks and real solutions from your team in a way that is effective.

The One Vision process is not designed to help your organization for one day, it is a process that when followed helps you for a lifetime.  

We want to increase staff teamwork and staff satisfaction by focusing on the internal people and the leadership style. This will yield a higher staff performance.


Written from Dr. Erling Larson "As Medical Director for Gastroenterology Associates, it was my pleasure to work closely with Matt Loehr. We used the One Vision process to identify and solve relationship issues between our 7 doctors and large number of nurses and assistants. We used the One Vision process on 50 employees. Our issues were severely impacting morale, turn over and performance. The One Vision process was a perfect fit. Matt's ability to mediate, problem solve and interact between the doctors and nurses was amazing. All our staff opened up fully to the process and trusted it. The doctors all were impressed with the professionalism and accuracy of the process. We made a wise investment and highly recommend One Vision. It helped our morale, team work, doctor's treatment of patients and staff and it increased our profits."


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