We create focus groups within your organization that are in a safe place to share.They will                                                  CLICK HERE

participate in a Risk Assessment and Quantifying Process .


Non-leaders and leaders offer great insight

Often non-leader staff are not allowed to participate in problem solving for an organization. 

 Our focus groups will include groups of non-leaders, sub-level leaders and top leaders. Each

focus group has 'same-level' people in the group to create a safe environment.


This process taps into 'non-leader' staff to quantify risks and offer potential solutions to them.

Their attitudes and patterns are completely transformed. No longer just being critics, we require

them to Identify and Solve the top 10 threats to your organization. 


Everyone participates in the process 

*   As the facilitator our consultants will ask each focus group

to solve the top 10 risk beginning at the top moving downward.

*   The solutions must be extremely detailed.

*   The solutions must be agreed upon by all. (consensus driven)

*   The solutions must include the what, who, when, how and estimated costs.

*   The consultant documents each of the solutions and all the details within. 

*   A final report is created showing each of the Top Ten Risks, Solutions and detailed action plans 

    derived by the team of staff who are on the front line of the organization. 

*   The consultant prepares and delivers a full report to the organization's leadership team to analyze and respond. 



* Most leaders fear opening up this process to 'non-leaders'.      WHY? 


* Non-Leaders may DEMAND their way or else

* Non-Leaders may get a 'worse' attitude if they offer ideas that are not followed

* Non-Leaders may think the 1V3 system promises everything will go their way

* Leaders won't have freedom to have the final say in direction and vision


All these fears may be in you but are opposite of what we do.

The 1V3 process helps you gain trust from non-leaders because of their participation in the process.

Our consultants insure them many times that their views, opinions and ideas are only a part of the final direction. 

Leaders always have the final say in what direction to go.

We teach non-leaders to join in the new One Vision with trust, hope and patience.







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