Employees with high emotions or outspoken opinions can make it difficult for leaders

to see through the smoke, discover needs and make great decisions. Often, the loudest,

most agressive employees dominate conversations leaving many others silent. Their views

may be accurate, maybe not. Thier solutions may be great.



                                               Maybe not!


That is precisely why we created a process that levels the field and neutralizes all

the emotions. This process gives all emplyees an equal voice with equal influence. 



We discover needs with three simple steps.



We provide a staff assessment allowing your team to rate all departments,

leaders, direction and processes. It is 100% anonymous. We create a safe

place for staff to share their insight, concerns and discernment. Focus groups

help us extract views, opinions and threats to your organization. All data is then

delivered to leadership.



We rate each concern with a  TPN (Threat Priority Number).  

We get everyone involved using consensus. This process can get everyone

to open up, share concerns, rate each concern and come to agreement with

the rating numbers. This process helps us identify and confront the larger

threats first.



We enter all the data into our Threat Priority Calculator, which automattically

sorts the threats by severity, and lists them in descending order. We only focus

on the top 10 threats.




This process is very powerful because we get everyone to 'buy in' to the

One Vision Process while they are rating the priority numbers. 

They begin to believe that leaders really care about them and value their voice.

The Staff is also very relieved when they discover that we, as consultants, are not

there to 'fix' them or the organizaiton, we are simply there to get everyone to identify

threats and solve them. One Vision is possible when staff are a part of this process.




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