DISCOVERING needs, QUANTIFYING risks allows us to arrive to a place

where we can CREATE clarity.                                                                                                                                                                           CLICK HERE                                                                                                                                                       

Leaders will review all the data derived from the focus groups. Leaders review the

data, massage the solutions and then create a RESPONSE PLAN that 

everyone can get behind. Who will do what and when? We help you find

answers to those questions. 



The leadership team follows four steps. 


Review Solutions

Leaders look closely at all the assessments and ratings of the organization and its processes.

Review all the threats and how they were prioritized. Look closely at the solutions derived by

the teams that participated in the One Vision process.


Adjust Solutions

Leaders evaluate each item and agree or dissagree with the solutions provided by the staff. 

Leaders discuss what adjustments need to be made (if any) to each of the solutions. Each solution

is carefully considered by the leadership team. The consultant helps the leadership team discuss

and modify solutions in a way that will value the ideas of the staff. 


Create a Response Plan (One Vision) 

Leaders determine the timeline and an estimated budget of each solution. Leaders document who will be

responsible for the rollout, timeline and success of each solution. Creating a Response Plan is one of the

most important parts of the process.


Remove Risks (When delivering One Vision to Organization)

Once leaders all agree with the detailed solutions, timelines, budgets and who will be managing the Response

Plan, they now schedule meetings with the organization and deliver their new ONE Vision Response Plan to everyone




A very special moment

When all the staff see their work, their ideas and their solutions were not only validated but implemented, it

really brings a sense of 'ownership' to them and their attitudes.  The consultants from One Vision will work

with your teams for one year to help everyone stay on track with follow through and accountability. 

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