ONE VISION Church Health Assessment from Matt Loehr on Vimeo.


Matt Loehr, President of Dare to be Different created a coaching process and has trained over 8000 people world wide. He specializes in mediation, mentoring and coaching. He has created assessments for marriages, companies and churches.

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Matt is a conflict resolution expert with an engineering background. He became licensed and ordained in late 2009. He is an author, speaker and trainer.

Creating unity where there is division is his calling and his gift. He has been coaching executives and pastors for many years. 


Matt founded ONE VISION as a division of his ministry to reach out to executives and pastors wanting to grow individually and as an organization. 



The Church Health Assessment is an easy tool to use. Pastors and leaders use this tool to identify key threats that are lurking in the dark. 

Don't wait until it's too late. 

A) Contact Matt to get the assessment setup. 

B) Send the assessment link to your followers.

C) Collect your data. 

D) Review the results with Matt. 

E) Respond to the key threats with a plan.   

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